Dovahkiin | avemagnadude

Here’s Dovahkiin!

I’ve been playing around in Skyrim recently and got inspired to make this. I plan to animate her and get me something good to put on my demoreel. :smiley:



Really nice work… :slight_smile:

As requested, I present to you Dovahkiin with a sword! XD

Nice model. texturing is really good. One thing that I might change is to give a clumpiness value to the fur particles on the armor, to help it appear weathered. I love skyrim…it’s the only game on my computer.

really nice character, looking forward to see the animation!!! :slight_smile:

Man ave you really impress me over and over. Cant wait to see her swinging that sword with so sexy aditude:) really nice job man!

Great character. I’d love to see some animation or a few stills in a better setting.

Good job!

Wow.wish I could do that.What kind of polycount is it.

The uniform/armor you have created for her, is absolutely fantastic

This is terrific. Can’t wait to see her animated.

Steve S

The materials are amazing, I love it, you’re good.

@Modron FOr the moment so do I (and I had to stop if I wanted to blend) but now there is Star Wars Battlefront and soon Batman Arkham Knight. I won’t be able to not play at those.

Well done. I really like this.

Hey guys!

I just decided to change the lighting and give her some dirt. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s the latest render!

very awesome work! I’m a HUGE Skyrim fan, it’s like the only game that’s permanently on my PC… this is so cool! keep it up. :smiley:

I wasted several years of my life playing skyrim… It wasn’t until i quit video gaming that i started doing constructive things…