Dovahkiin Sword WIP

I have been getting back into skyrim recently and i thought to make this sword. Working on materials so heres a ao.


Look’s clean! Now texture it!

A test of a redner idea, i cant figure out how to get the grass to get out of the way of the sword.

Very low samples becasue its just a test before i spend all night rendering.

If this is just a still image, you might try making a sword-shaped vertex group on the ground plane and then set it as an inverse density group in your particle settings.


Not the only method though
Option 2: use “Particle Edit” to comb it out of the way
Option 3: Try using Hair Dynamics and dropping the sword on it

There’s more, too, but they’re not occurring to me at the moment

Thank you for the replies. I will probaly take the dynamic hair route because my first gues was to comb the grass but its mad from a group so it made some weird things happen. I also am going to have way more grass but like i said , im only doing test renders until i get everything mapped out.

Also i am planning on making the sword a little dirty,but i cant figure out how to overlay a grunge on top of it .the texture setup now is just two glosssy nodes with a dirty vertex attribute to get those highlights.

Made alot of progress, ive made the grass way better, also fixed the intersections by combing and shrinking what i needed. Metal material still needs some work with the nodes.