Dove wing , how complicated it will be ?

how complicated it will be to make the dove wing that way ,
i am stack here
is it two detailed ?

thous are my reference images


dove_wing.blend (264 KB)

you already have the basic shape

try to find a good pic to UV map each feathers

then the wing is done!

or may be find a good procedural texture to simulate the feather

hope it helps

so modeling each feather is to complicated to achieve ?

that’;s the only way to get something nice to look at !

but it’s not that difficult to do anyway

and when it’s done it will look very nice

you could try with procedural textures
may be some nodes texturing or material with textures

good luck

here is one example of procedural textures for the wings

but it can be anything you want

it depends if you want closed up shots or far away from camera!

also the color is a little dark ehre - i guess it could be lighter!

and how are you going with the model ?


well didnt have time for it ,
since the movie for the rings scene have changed :slight_smile:

but ill get back to it soon