Down To Work

My last picture to celebrate christmas time!
Hope you like it!


You’re #featured! :+1:

Thank you @bartv!

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Very cute. Your beard characters are awesome. Just want ti see an cartoon). Do you plan to make animation in the future?

The stop-action animated features of my childhood, e.g. Rudolph, come happily back to me when I see this style and subject returning … and it looks like this reindeer has attitude!:smiley:

This is fine detail and I look forward to the Christmas show by next year!

thank you @FeralMan ! Santa Claus character is rigged, but not the reindeer, so it will be difficult for me to animate it! It was jut a small project for christmas time, still image project.

hahaha that look on that small reindeer’s face, epic!

Thnak you @rombout