9933x14486 px

Title: Down
Name: Daniel Siemieniec
Country: Poland
Software: Blender, Gimp

Hello everyone.
This is my work that i made at the begining of year 2012, however i’m publishing it now. I have used Blender Internal Renderer for rendering and also Blender for the rest of the 3d stuff.

really cool! :slight_smile:

clean and nice image! In my opinion maybe the sss is slightly pushed over and the facial expression could have been a little more… “expressive” :smiley:

Apart from this, I love it!.. I also love the original movie! :smiley:


i love this…it is so sarcastic :smiley:

I can feel a blockbuster comming! Great job on the kid :slight_smile:

Yeah great job on the kid, really fun character.

Very funny and nicely done.
The area of the mouth looks little bit weird, like it would be too thin and I’d expect to see a tongue and throat there.

Hahaa, love it. But…8D???

Well if 4D is actual reality, then 8D must be… umm… Reality within reality, anyone else thinking of Inception here?

This is great, I didn’t have to see it for a second before I knew what it was. :slight_smile: Awesome.

this is awesome loll


this is genius!

Great Idea! Well Done.

I can see a movie in this!