Downcast Knight

I haven’t posted in a long time, wow. Anyway this is a smal project I have been working onfor the last few days and I wanted to see what others thought of it. C&C are always welcome!

Wow, this is really good. Nothing to crit from me. I like the feel of the whole thing. Good choice on sky texure as well, nice and gloomy.

Very nice. The lighting says a lot too. It sets the mood.

How far are you going with the project? I know that rendering takes a long time.

Everything looks superb except for what the AO does for the knights armor. It makes it look all gritty. Modelling is nice as well as those pillar textures.

Very nice modelling. The grain gets in the way of the image a little bit though. The knight in the background… does he have his hands over his head??


Alright, the collomns texture is presedural, the knight in the background does NOT have his hands over his head (its his head dress things like on the darker upclose knight). And what do you mean how far am I going with it (dont understand what you mean :frowning: )

I know this isnt in WIP, but those pillars look funny to me. The light, or the material doesnt look right. Hard to explain, but I’m seeing the sunlight hitting the floor, indicates to my eye that the sun is high in the sky upper right from their window point of view.

Now, looking at the pillars, there appears to be a glow, or too much light bounce from some source to the left of the window point of view.

The square blocks arent exhibitng this phenomena, but the round pillar portions do.

Its a nice moody piece, but the lighting is breakng my train of thought when looking at it. Almost like the pillars are too “cheerful” for the scene.

nice texturing and overall feel. however, the rearmost character appears to have four arms. also, the walls are somewhat bear. you could try adding some tapestries or torches or something. really nice the way it is, just seems incomplete or hollow - like how that knight must feel. but maybe that’s the idea here…?

very nice indeed!

Fantastic image!

My only crit is somewhat in the pose. It appears that he’s more… holding the ledge and leaning back some, his legs seem to go back and a slight angle rather than standing straight. It’s nothing too serious, but looks weird to me.

Two things could correct this, one would be having his legs more upright, or alternatively more of a bend in the elbows so it appears he’s applying his weight on his arms.

the head-dress reminds me of Gondorian Knights guarding the White Tree. Cool work!!!

WOW, me like. Me like!