Downey feathers with particles and strand

I was following this tutorial because i need to render a realistic plumage (falcon plumage)
but the result is still to “gross” for me. Whic parametre should i twick to obtain a much more “soft” effect, like this?

that’s the cgcookie tut

and you wont get real feathers just fluffy one look at the whole video from cg cookie!

so for real feathers you ahe to model theses and UV map i guess to get the look


I know I’ll have to model the main feathers, but it’s the plumes I’m looking for, I guess you call it fluffy. I need a better effect for the fluffy ones

can you show a pic of what you got

i’ll check the one i did later

so here is the one i did
does yours looks like this ?
show a picture to compare