Downfall of a gold coast

Hey guys,

Here is some new work that I made. Maybe you know the story about my project, but for the people who don’t, here a short description.

Enckhuysen is my home town, this city was in the 17e century one of the biggest cities in Holland and belongs to the 30 biggest in Europe. In the next century’s there was a big downfall, and now I can’t call it a city, just 15.000 citizens. What I do is rebuild the city, and this scene is my latest work. I call it Gold coast of enckhuysen.
The fun part is, there is just 1 building left in this scene, I marked it in the black and white photo.

What you see is not just putting some buildings in a scene and making a render, I made this scene in combination with old maps.

Can you guys give me your opinion, does this 3D render have any historical feeling, or does it feel like a picture with just some buildings, if you know what I mean. And if there is no feeling, can you tell me what I can do to fix that ?

Greets, and let me know your opinion!

Here is the blender render:

this is the situation right now:

This foto is made in 1880, when the downfall was on his worst :

Great modeling insiderrr!!!
Left house in front, needs some smoothing but thats OK.
But what exactly is happening with lighting? Some ‘adventure’ here, I really want to know. Baking maybe?
I really like this scene, my mind goes to all these great Holland painters like Ver Meer, always my favorite .

Nice texture work and attention to detail!

A scene like that would be fantastic for a simulated GI render, something like yafaray would work nicely. As it is the lighting is quite undesirable but nevertheless i can feel the amount of work you’ve put into this.