Downlaoding a large file

Is there any program that will allow me to download part of a file using one computer and download the rest of it using another computer?
I want to download quite a big file and I have to pay for my connection according to how much stuff i download. So it will save me some money if I can download the file from two computers

i use dap (google it)
ad filled resource hogging thing that it is.
it allows pausing of downloads, then produces a file (.dap format)
in theory, you could copy the .dap to another computer to resume the download.
(the .dap holds the size of the download so far, so, i guess, it would work.)
it would probably work with other file managers too,

Downthemall should work. Just copy the tmp file on the other computer and it will go on. I think.

I second this program, it is very good for other things as well.