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Hi, I just lost my hard drive to a unknown Windows error (please make no comments on Windows errors, I have spent two days getting my machine running again).

Anyway, I finally got back online to find out that NaN is down (boo-hoo-hoo). Does anyone know where I can download the last version of Blender for Windows?


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try this:

Or, you can just go to blender’s new site and get version 2.32.

[quote=“Telvin”]Anyway, I finally got back online to find out that NaN is down (boo-hoo-hoo). [quote]

Yeah you’re in for a pleasant surprise :smiley:

<edit> Wow yeah just noticed the year there.

SamAdam: I actually have to wonder, how come you pull up a thread from 2002? I didn’t even know there was threads from then… lol :smiley:

erg :-? dead thread waker!

Hey! I just saw this thread and had an easy answer so I typed it in. So shoot me! See, look, JordanAU didn’t notice it until he had already submited it, I just didn’t take the time to edit a dead thread.

What intrigues me is how could you be “just seeing” a two years old thread…
I mean, it’s not like you can stumble on it by accident…


Never underestimate the powers of those who stumble!


WHACK! damn it would someone turn on a light i cant see in the dark!

Lol, I’m guessing SamAdam probably was using the search function and then clicked on this thread along the way. Cause there is no way he would see it as a recent post (that’s for sure). But SamAdam, glad you’re taking the initiative to help someone.

Jason Lin