download blues

Hi all, hopefully somone can help me out with this problem.I tried to download blender for macosx 10.2 but when it downloaded it did so in powerpc.d format, not zip format like the download instructions reffer to. It is not in a format I can extract or mount onto my hardrive. I am really anxious to use blender so hopefully some fellow mac head out there will come to my aid. Thanks :o

uh ? From where it comes ?

it’s a .dmg which all macs read natively, just dble-click on

umm yeah tried that…says it doesnt know which application to open it with…so I chose disk mounter…and it ssays there is nothing to mount…sigh

aha…update…not sure what has changed but I got the download to mount onto the desktop…however now whenever blender opens it just shuts down again

There is a character limit when downloading things to the mac. This would have eliminated the “g” in “dmg” so the file extension is unreadable. All you have to do is rename the file with a “dmg” extension, and then double-click. It unzips a folder that has a drive-like icon. Simply copy all the files inside to your Macintosh hard drive/applications folder (oh: in a new folder that you call "blender 2.34) And then you can run!