Download from YouTube

This is a really cool add-on for firefox that allows you to download content directly from sites like YouTube. Check it out.

whats wrong with right clicking on the page, going to > view page info > media and selecting the flash file and clicking save as?

I guess nothing’s wrong with that… :o

Nothing, but using VideoDownloader is much easier.

… If you have a compatible version of Firefox :slight_smile:

I have an older version, and the info… media thing works


Then maybe upgrade? :confused:

yes, upgrading firefox is very good idea. even if you wouldn’t use this add-on. there are several security patches, even critical ones.


On Linux, I found that YouTube videos simply did not download via “View page info >> media >> save as” when I tried with Firefox. I could see and choose the video link, but the save never worked. Installing a similar patch to the above fixed the probelm by adding “Download Videos” to a my right click menu.

cause’ it’s relational and not direct.

Firefox sucks, youtube sucks -> firefox add-on that lets you download youtube videos sucks :p.

I prefer google video because the download speeds and video quality seem to be much better.

released on Aug 25, 2006

Is that for v1.1 or the extension in general?

He’s got dial-up, it’s harder to upgrade then you think. Ugh, I wish I could get high speed, but I live out in the middle of nowhere and sattelite internet costs too much…

Dial-up-ers use YouTube?

Why’s that?
No, really. I’m curious to know why you think that.

Mainly bloat. Just today, I was using a 1.5GHz machine and Firefox was sucking 50-80% CPU just displaying 2 pages. It was also using the most Ram out of all the processes that were running - about 80MB. When I opened the same sites in Safari (based on Konqueror and khtml) the CPU usage was about 20-30% and the Ram usage was 20MB.

Firefox also constantly has trouble with javascript sites.

Also today, two separate people downloaded different files using Firefox and the download said it completed but it had only downloaded a corrupted file. Safari downloaded the files just fine.

As for extensions, in my experience it’s hard to find a set that don’t conflict with each other on some level.

Now everyone in the office uses Firefox because they heard it was the best - no doubt through all the fanboyin’ that has spread over the internet and then they complain to me as to why their computer is running slow. A quick check of the CPU usage shows Firefox sucking half the CPU while in the background doing nothing.

It’s bloated, slow and incompatible:

Experience may vary of course but that’s mine. What I generally find is that when people have issues with Firefox, they have to resort to using Safari but I rarely find I need to use Firefox to get round any issues Safari has. Unless a site has been specifically designed to be only Firefox compliant but that just puts me off Firefox more.

You’re right, Firefox consumes a lot.
It costs my pc 60 Mb RAM just to have one page displayed.
On the other hand, I’ve never had any data corruption when downloading from Firefox or had any problems accessing sites because of incompatibility.
I’m going to switch to Safari to see which one I find best.
Cheers :wink: