Download my shooter Maharaja!!

(Monkeyboi) #1

Download it at

in the games section

Please tell me what you think!

(Ben) #2

-It’s very nice.Good textures.It would be nice to have more enemies
and more AI.It’s a good game anyway.

(ineedanewbi) #3

make more WEAKER enemies… the game is pretty hard

the sky was pretty good, with the fog and the visible atmosphere

somethin funny happens when i try to drive the car… it doesnt always work + the camera for the car is not set for max draw limit

the textures are pretty good, doesnt look like some bum made it like my games

(saluk) #4

It’s cool, good graphics and controls.
Nice sounds.

It’s too bad there isn’t that much to do; but blender IS quite limited.

(Monkeyboi) #5

I know, the car is work in progress! I’m also working on a third level and an endig for the second. Just skip the car, at go on to the helicopter!

(S_W) #6

Great work! :wink:

(ineedanewbi) #7

im actually working on a game with vehicles too…
i think its pretty good (motor boat)

my vehicle is not dynamic, you just jump in it, press E and use wasd to drive it

for a car, use an animation to open and close a door (also so that u dont fall out of the car when u are driving it) when u press E

you can make the car move up + down with the topography

create an invisible mesh, when this mesh touches the ground, your car will rise

when the/or another invisible mesh is NOT touching the ground, your call will move down

this way, you will be able to drive your car, and get out of you car where your car is parked…im not sure if you know what i mean, but you can look at my boat which i think is quite successfull…

go to
then dl “3rd level work in progress, boat WORKS !!!”

(Monkeyboi) #8

Thanks alot, very usefull! I was going to drop the car thing, but I’ll have at look at how your car works now!

(Pooba) #9

It is really nice, movement is great and graphics rule! But there are a couple things that are kinda dumb.

First, your enemy takes WAY to long to kill. It’s not really possible that a soldier could take 50 shots from a shotgun, even if he had a bullet proof vest or something. Fix that!

Second, the enemy is way to easy. He never hits me at all!

(Sutabi-old) #10

Ok great texturing but there a lot wrong…Add more effects mainly and well slow the bullets down a bit becuase i know they are fast but not fast enough to where you only see them when you just touch the trigger, and when the hit an object beside some horrible AI add some sparks. As for AI when it shoot make it acutrally hit you! and make it less hit to kill plus make it only shoot 1 butllet like every…1 sec its not that hard ^_^. If you ever need help for AI, i would love to give a hand!

(jeotero) #11

no .blend files :slight_smile: ?

(jeotero) #12

no blend files ?

(joecool) #13

is this one full screen? I have some major problems running a blender exe in full screen. Last time I spent forever downloading maharaja(it takes forever on my computer) and I couldn’t play it because it was full screen. Made me mad:X