download question

G’day Guys.
Just downloaded Blender, But I am unable to open the app. or the player.
Anyone any idea?

My system is;
Mac powerbook 17"
1Gb ram
!.5 Ghz processor
128 Mb videocard

Really eager to work with this amazing app.
The support and enthusiasm for Blender in this forum is obviously tremendous.

Filip K.:confused:

i think you need python instaled to open it, not sure on that thou…

python 2.4 as 2.5 isnt supported yet

thanks Vitality,
If That’s is so, where do I get that from?

No need to install python, version 2.3 comes with Mac OS X. Make sure that you have this Blender version: Mac OS X PPC Python 2.3, 10.3+.

Hi Filip,

First of all, welcome to the blender community.
Second, The answer brecht gave should be enough to
help you along.
and Finally third, Our policy is to close threads that are posted
in the wrong forum. Next time, please post any questions like
this in one of the Support forums.