downloadable movie sites?

This ain’t no warez thread.

Basically, I’ve been trying to see if there are any places that’ll sell downloadable movies… paid of course…

I found a few that are rental based, where you download them at about £1 a pop and you can watch them for around 7 days and they ‘expire’ but they all seam to be using either windoze DRM format? (i think it’s called DRM) to protect the files from playing on other computers… or they have their own version of file type but, it’s made for windoze, ie. their special player…

I’m on linux :’(

you are out of luck

Why not subscribe to one of those online rental stores? They post DVDs to your house. You get to keep the movies as long as you like and you get to keep 3 at a time. You can just exchange one every night for a new one so you always have movies to watch.

It cost about £14 a month and you get DVDs, which are not DRM’d.

I hate DRM and I would think twice about using any service that promotes it.

Yeah i hate the DRM stuff too.

I’ll have a look at those online rental stores, last one i looked at was crappy (1 dvd at a time, and the deliver rate was probabily the cheapest they can get (upto 5 days) so you basically get screwed over) So i never really considered using them, they all seamed to get you caught up into a trap. but 3 at a time sounds better! ill have a search about.