Downloaded model is not moving with it's skeleton bones

Base_Male.rar (3.8 MB)

Please see attached RAR file. The mesh’s bones when moved aren’t causing the actual mesh to move. I downloaded this from the web so i don’t know if theres some sort of problem with it or whether I’m just trying to do it wrong as i havent done any skeleton/bones related animation stuff for about 6 years so don’t really know (for some reason in pose mode, when I click on the bones as if to move them, i don’t get a X/Y/Z mover widget appearing in it).

Very simple fix here. The model doesn’t move because it has no armature modifier! Select the mesh object, go to its modifiers, add an “Armature” modifier, then select the existing armature object in the modifier’s settings.

Also, the widgets are called “gizmos” now. You can find them in the left toolbar, or in the “gizmos” menu in the 3D view.