Downloaded textures, now what?

So I just got a Quixel megascan subscription and I downloaded these coral textures. So I was wondering if I have to model something, then put them on? I have no clue.

And you downloaded them why exactly? You need to do something with corals, just for fun, just because you could…? I have also downloaded loads of stuff, but I don’t do anything with most of it.

They are odd textures of coral. So was there only this texture, or were there different textures that come with it?
(such as displacement, roughness, etc)

The only thing I can think of as a use would be as a reference, although it isn’t really the best for that.

I, too wonder why you would download a texture like that.

Edit from the future:
This texture is supposed to be paired with a mask texture - a black and white texture that can be used to determine where parts of the image should be transparent. Say you might want to use these textures on flat planes in a scene. Using the mask texture, you can cut out the unneeded parts (the blurred background) using a node setup.
The texture is designed for flat planes.

Take a look at this texture from
You can see similar blurred textures as well as the mask (bottom right).