downloading 2.62, for a noob ?

i have been studying 2.61 for the last month now. im just starting to get a good grasp on the basics of 2.61. is 2.62 harder to use ? or should i just stay with 2.61 until i get better.

They should have nearly identical interfaces; The big jump was between 2.49 and 2.5. If you are still doing basic stuff then you probably won’t notice a difference at all. My rule of thumb for upgrading is:

Will upgrading break a script that I don’t have time to fix right now?

  • No = upgrade
  • Yes => Does the new release have a feature that will save me more time than fixing my scripts?
    • No = Don’t upgrade yet
    • Yes = Upgrade.

If you are still getting your feet wet then you probably won’t even notice a difference.

Thanks for your advice kastoria, i will upgrade tomorrow. one more thing, does 2.62 retain and transfer the files , ie. textures, blend files , on downloading or must you reinstall them ? thanks again. as you can probably see im not only learning blender, im learning the computer as well.

I have not had a problem with backward compatibility. Most likely, your existing blend files will open without a problem. I download each installer and keep 1 version back. If you upgrade it a new version and it does not work for you, just reinstall the previous version

But that is really an over precaution on my part. Blender development is driven by paid, professional developers. You should not have a problem.

I just upgraded to 2.62 and so far no problem for me. Only big difference is the Cycle Engine addition. You need to come up with light and material the whole new way for that. Learning curve again! But the basic old blender light and material is still there.

Each Blender update is not only about new features, but the devs fixes a lot of bug each time.
So usually if you want to use a 2.6x version of Blender, it’s a good idea to use the latest one, unless it breaks an addon you need for your Blender use.

By example Blender 2.63 will have very likely every addons broken, so it will be better for you to keep using 2.62 for work (and have 2.63 along it for learning ngon modelling).

Notice that you can have a 2.49b install too, as there are some functions and scripts in 2.49b that do not exist in 2.6x (hopefully they will one day) , different versions of Blender can co-exist without a problem on your hard drive, there is no need to uninstall or delete a version of Blender to install a new one

Additionally, different build of the same version of Blender (by example official stable version of 2.62 , and the up to date version of 2.62 you can get from the buildbot and feature the bmesh code) can co-exist without a problem only if you use the following :

Inside your BlenderDirectory\BlenderVersionNumber
(BlenderVersionNumber being the folder named 2.62 in the current release)
Create a new folder and name it exactly " config " , this way your own custom startup settings will be saved inside this folder, not anymore in the shared User Application/Roaming Data thing anymore.

So if you put your Blender directory in C:\ , it will be
C:\BlenderDirectoryName\BlenderVersionNumber\confi g\

For 2.62 it would be by example :

This way settings that are saved with Blender will not be shared with a different build of the same version but will be kept with that specific Blender install, avoiding then some crash-possible incompatibility problems.

is this valid for installed version only or for for SVN from graphical too?


I don’t use any installer personnally, only extractable archives, stable, buildbot or graphicall, and the “config” folder method has always worked very well.

thank you all for all your feedback, 2.62 here i come.

well i just downloaded 2.62, was as easy as taking candy from a baby ! (not that i do that anymore) , it had the option to restore all original settings. it kept all my addons and incorporated all files . now for some fun! b.s.