Downloading a video from cgcookie need some help?

Hi there Blenderheads

I am thinking of buying a video from cgcookie but I need to ask some basic questions on how their download service works. I couldn’t see an FAQ on the site itself unless I was looking in the wrong place.

I use a less than stellar 3G modem to hook up to the net at home. This makes my net connection both slow (1mb/s to 100kb/s) and unstable.

Once you purchase a video how many downloads are you allowed?

When you are downloading is there support for resume download?

thanks for your help

Not sure about interrupted downloads but there is no limit to the number of downloads with the exception of purchased downloads I believe.

Tried checking just now but the order history system is down at the moment.

Look for a download manager with a resume feature.

As for multiple downloads, one of the guys at BC can confirm this: Once you’ve paid for citizen status, you can download the same file as many times as you like as long as you’re logged in. That includes items you purchased. Their order system is down at the moment (13:42 EST) so I can’t confirm this myself.

I’d just shoot an email to Jonathan or Wes and see if they can work something out.

Thanks for your help, I bought my video and after a freaking long 9+hours I managed to download the whole thing now to watch and to learn how to animate…