Downloading and Adding Scripts

I am attempted to download the add_mesh_walls script at:
When I click on what I though was the download link for it on the upper left of this page I get instead is a “Visitor Survey”. How do I get to the download?

I was able to download the bundle at:
What I got was a file named “Addons_contrib_bundle_2.65”. This file has no extension so I do not know how to decompress it. In my Blender 2.66a installation I went to “File > User Preferences > Addons” and clicked on “Install from file”. The file browser that opened did not find this file in the directory it was downloaded to indicating to me an extension was expected the file does not have. What am I supposed to do with this file?

You can download the addon contrib i grabbed from a buildbot version from the time of the Blender 2.66a release :

Extract the , in the extracted folder you should see a folder named exactly


Put that folder in …\yourblender2.66adirectory\2.66\scripts\

So you obtain

Now when launching your Blender 2.66a you go to File -> User Preference -> Addon, and if you enable the “Testing” category you will have all the addon contrib available.
That masonry script you wanted is listed in the Add Mesh category -> Add Building Object addon (remember to enable “Testing” to see the addon listed of course)

Note : if you download a more recent version of Blender from the buildbot :
It has the addon_contrib already in , and those addons are the most up to date (and so more up to date than the addon contrib package i uploaded that contain the addon contrib script of the time of the 2.66a release)