Downloading Entire Threads?

Is there any way I can download an entire thread for offline viewing?

CTRL+S in most browsers, or File -> Save Page As

OH ok cool.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’ll only download one page of the thread.
There is no method to download a thread consisting of multiple pages in one go as far as I know.

yeah, but unless you want to download a thread like “Let’s play”, I don’t really think it’ll be much of a problem. 4 to 8 "CTRL + S"es isn’t gonna kill anyone.

OH, darn, I wanted to download the “Post 2.42 wishlist” thread…

holy shit, isnt that like 40 pages long? lol

You could set the “posts per page” in the CP to something huge, load up the page then set it back.

Lua, people have commonly tried to download the whole forums… it just basicly crashes the server, and results in the admins blocking their IP.

So i’d do it wisely if i did it at all.


point taken, but i’m not the one wanting to download the forum, you’d be doing better to tell that to those who want a bit of offline blenderartists. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of programs that let you download entire web sites or pages that follow the same path.( you must set this option) Adobe Acrobat Professional is one. There are others that are free also, you need to google search “download entire web site.”
However some times they may follow paths to links and lead away from the site.
If you are trying to make a list of suggestions people made you would be better to go through each page live and just copy the relevent text you need.
That is the safest way.

Kansas could take a few pointers…

Kansas is gone, cause you were rude to him… :slight_smile:

Let’s not bring the subject of Kansas/Icoxo/CyborgDragon up, shall we?

Now why would anyone want to download an entire forum?

Maybe he likes dragons :slight_smile: