Downloading example blend files

I recently like 2 min ago downloaded an example file of how to play a video in the bge, just wanted to try it out, would be nice to construct a virtual cinema or something. Anyway 1 min after opening the cluster fuck of a blend file I gave up on it. Please I do realize you programmers are autistic, but please ask someone to organize things for you if you plan to release it to people. Some people don’t enjoy looking through your trash. venting done

I would be interested in what file that was. I reccomend looking up as they have nice, well documented examples of pretty much the entire BGE API.

Also, be aware that programming is an art, not a science. One man’s beautiful code is another mans mess. It depends on the way the authors mind works. (that said, there are definitely ways not to do programming).

Finally, if it is your first foray into programming/python, it does not matter how well written the code is, you will not be able to understand it. Learning programming takes months or years. (Although picking up a new language shouldn’t take long).

Haha I do realise you programmers are autistic.
What a statement. /s

Most people here are not comp Sci + language enthusiasts, they just want code that works. This is why so much of it is a mess

Alright I was a bit frustrated when wrting this post, you’re not all autistic, unecessary insult. I cleaned up the blend file and managed to get a video to play. It seems to make sound work you can simply load the video file into the sound acutator. Problem is that the audio won’t synch with the video if you pause the video, so pausing videos is broken. Also if you want to look at another video you can’t change it very easily but got to create a new plane and give it a new texture.

You guys think there is any way to have videos and the music of the videos be loaded from within the game from files placed in the game folder and put onto a plane that serves as the cinema screen? This would be a rather neat and simple little “game” and if it would be to work I wouldn’t hesitate sharing it with you guys so you can watch movies in a virtual enviroment.

I suggest looking at the videotexture API.

You can definitely do sounds by referencing the sound actuator from python. But I’m not sure how you could access a video packed into a blend file.

I don’t know programming at all except through logic bricks. I’m not sure why I’m suppose to take a look at the videotexture API, the video is playing as is the sound. But to watch another video located in the folder you would either need to have multiple cinema screens each one of them loading a numbered video file from the game folder, or you would have to exit the game and change the name of the video.

If there would be some way of switching between videos and their sound from within the game itself that would be really neat. It’s beyond me though so if nobody knows how to do it, it won’t happen. But wouldn’t you want to watch your videos inside a virtual cinema, wouldn’t that be cool?

If you learn python then there is a third way whereby in the game it lists available movies, and you can pick and watch one. No name changing or multiple screens required. All the information about how to do so is in the videotexture API, hence why I linked you to it. I assumed that because you were criticizing someone’s code, you had done some programming.

Yes, there is a way to switch videos and sound from within the game itself. Have a look through the script and see where the filename for the video is defined. You’ll notice therels (probably) a line something like bge.texture.videoFFmpeg(file_name). To play a different video, just run the script again with a different filename…

But wouldn’t you want to watch your videos inside a virtual cinema, wouldn’t that be cool?

My monitor is only 22". I’d rather have the video take up the whole screen than have a virtual cinema take up some of that space… But there are definitely applications for playing lots of differing videos inside the game engine.

I don’t need some gimmicky video interface to watch movies. No, it would not be ‘cool’. It would be stupid, bloated, unnecessary crap.

There. I let out my steam, too. Go ahead and continue to call me autistic.

I went through this tutorial back when I was a newb. It was the greatest ever.

There’s a blend on the last page:

Looking back now I think the style is not-so-good. But to each his own.

Totally. VR is awesome. Real cinemas are sticky, expensive, and not for the faint of bladder.

Ironically there’s actually some autistic devs around here. Just thought I’d point that out :stuck_out_tongue: