Downloading Help Needed

Blender Designers,

I have just begun to use Blender, which, btw, is an absolutely awesome program, but I’ve run into a few problems, most likely with my own understanding of the program. Though the program is great, it’s complicated, and I’m working on getting used to it. I’ve downloaded a few of the wiki-books, which go very deep into detail on how to use the program. My problem, however, is not HOW to use the program, as I’m sure these books will be able to answer most of those questions, but the main problem I’m having is that I have a set goal for what I want to use Blender for: I’ve written a book and have a dream of it becoming a movie, so I want to go ahead and make most of my characters and play them out in a scene or two and see if I can’t get a feel for it before I present it. This undoubtedly requires a deep knowledge of Blender to perform and accomplish, but as I said, I have a problem.

My problem is that you have the download for Blender, the program itself, on the site and some basic preliminary programs with it to get one started, but the other programs and scripts are not included in the instillation program. My problem is that I went onto the site and downloaded all that I could so that I could have maximum performance and have the opportunity to make what I needed when I needed and not have to go back onto the site to spend an allotted amount of time looking for the right program to do what I need when it could be on my computer already and I could simply use it and be done with my work…it’s most efficient that way. My problems is that when I downloaded all of those scripts and programs that went with Blender, I didn’t know where to put them, so it was most difficult to use them. I’m not knowledgeable on how to even use scripts or have any clue on what to do with them (that’s why I got the books on the net on it, hopefully the time I spend there will eliminate many of my problems and questions). I know that many of the scripts are probably written by other users apart from the original designers, that that could be a reason why the scripts are separate from the initial instillation program. Is it possible, however, for there to be an instillation program which includes all of these separate scripts and compatible programs that are already put in the correct places and made with maximum efficiency for use, in which it can state so very clearly a separate section of the site where the scripts are individually mentioned and even, if you or the author wishes, can even have individual downloads of that specific script, but still have the overall download within the original instillation package?

Or you can even do this, you can have the scripts and original instillation package still be separate, but put all of the scripts in a full instillation package and have a set place (where it tells you where to put the files at when they are downloaded to the computer) so that they are most compatible with the original installed program of Blender? I don’t know, I’m just tossing out questions and suggestions where there may already be a better way, or perhaps I simply don’t know what to do here and need enlightenment. It’s just that this is a very complicated program, though extremely useful, sometimes very mind-boggling when the user has only just been introduced to it. I don’t have hours to read the material, and to be quite frank (not rude, just frank and out right) sometimes it’s a bit confusing on what some of the instructions are meaning. I had a problem before with this, but it was not the designer’s fault, it was my own because I had downloaded the newer Blender program but the older instructional package and as anyone should know, earlier versions of a program are most definitely DIFFERENT than the newer versions, so my confusion is justified, only by my own stupid mistake of not going to the wiki-books first for my instruction.

Please understand, I do not have an internet connection at my home and all the material and information I get is usually just in one sitting, so it’s best to have everything I need in one spot and have it be accessible. One problem I had with something being clear was when I tried to download the NeverBlender program, but was completely confused on how to download it as the instructions on the site itself were not clear enough for me to make a sufficient download. Not only that, but my school’s computers (where I get my internet connection) were being a jerk and blocking the download site, so I had to use another browser (Mozilla) and use the imbedded proxy function (Proxy Sel) to even get to the site…then, when I tried to download the program it would ask me where I wanted to download and when it finished I’d go back and the icon for the downloaded program would be that of an “Unknown Object” and the name of it would be “File” or that’s the name of the type and I couldn’t open it or use it at all…it was completely useless, so the only way I could really download it was if I used Internet Explorer Browser…but I was then unable to get to the site because I couldn’t get to a useable proxy to get to the site.

You can see my frustration there, but it wasn’t the only program that downloaded like that. What I need is something that I can not only create humans with (complete body feature), but create clothing, weapons, aliens (Of my own design of course…mostly modeled after humanoids), planets, and special effects. I simply could not find all of this in on location and when I could find it a lot of it would not download properly for me (it is nothing to do with your site, but my problem with getting to the site and getting past the problem with my browser). Is it possible, I know it would be EXTREMELY out of you way, but is it possible for someone to download everything they can pertaining with Blender onto a disk and mail it to me so that I can simply copy or download it directly to my computer? Again, I know this would be far out of your way, but I would greatly appreciate it. My internet access won’t be long, in fact, this may even be the last time I’m able to get on in a very long time (I’ve joined the US Navy and will be leaving for Basic Training August 1st, 2007 [hopefully a lot earlier] and my school is only open for a few hours during the day and will closing down completely [summer school in session at the moment] only in a few weeks.) Basically, my access to the Internet is very limited. I can go ahead and give you my mailing address, but I’d rather not give it open on the Internet. Instead, I’ll simply give my phone number (if I get calls I don’t like, I’ll simply block them, so no matter). If you’ll do me the huge favor of sending me these programs and scripts, please call this number: (229) 225-6746 and ask for Eric. If you can’t get me there, then please, just leave me a voice mail and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank you all so very much, especially for reading this long message. Hopefully I can get a call soon. Please don’t call me to just talk, or just to tell me how stupid I am, because I will cut you off, block your phone number, and use authoritative options if I must, so please only call me if you are willing to help me here. Thank, Eric.

Hi! Thanks for joining us!

The Windows installer puts all the scripts in a “scripts” folder in your installation directory. I use the defaults, so my blender is in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\ and the scripts is in the subfolder “.blender/scripts”. The scripts are NOT needed for what you want to do; core Blender functionality is more than sufficent for you to get a feel for your book.

Be sure to download the tutorials page and all the Tutorials you can find, and of course the Manual sections.

You should also buy the Blender Basics book from the foundation, and the Introducing Character Animation with Blender from Amazon.

Have fun at boot camp (I didn’t, but I survived).

I don’t have hours to read the material, and to be quite frank (not rude, just frank and out right)

Same here with regard to your post. You don’t “need” all the peripherals; Blender works out the box and the most useful and necessary scripts are already bundled. For the rest the Wiki covers how to use external renderers etc. Talk to your school’s tech person; Blender has education attributes.