Downloading issues...Plz Help...

Im some what new to blender and i understand a few concepts… i downloaded blender mainly to make new items for Morrowind: TES 3… upon downloading (vers. 2.48a) it said i needed python ver. 2.5.2 so i downloaded it…when i tried to import files it said i needed PythonFFI…and then i needed NIF scripts…so i installed…now im completely lost and have no idea were i put these files…morrowind uses NIF files and it shows i can import and export but it says to check the console cause it cant find pyffi files when i click on Import Nif/Gamebryo file…plz tell me what i do with all of these files…
P.S.- Im doing this all on a flash drive so do i have to do this on the computer hard drive?

you should also download from Microsoft the latest VB librairy because
somes of the functions in VB are required
check out the 2/48a releases notes

can you specify on what OS you are working with


im on windows

check this thread good intro to install on vista window

hope it helps