Downloading models?

Hi, i am making a star wars fan film for a star wars fan film contest. I am filming with real actors and incoporating CG ships, etc. I’m not a good modeller yet so i want to download a few models. I am thinking of downloading the yoda model and the tie bomber model. I have tried to contact the authors except i can’t get a hold of them. Any advice on what to do?
Yoda Model:

Tie Bomber Model:
Maybe try to see if something here will work - the stuff on this site is released for use with creative commons, maybe there is something applicable to use - you could also check their forums to see if anyone has anything they could help you with.

No, i’ve already checked there. There was a tie bomber i liked except i couldn’t get ahold of the author

OK, sorry, I thought the main page had a release implied - I thought that meant the following models were ok for use without further contact. Guessed wrong then.

hmmm…do you want me to make you a tie bomber?

If you would like to then sure. I plan on entering this into a star wars contest. So what would u want in return. I can’t offer really anything cause i’m only 15. By the way here is the contest info if you want to take a look at it:

cause i’m only 15
i am even younger…i will have it ready soon.

K thanks, send me an email when you are done. Or for progress reports.