downloading problems

I’m trying to download the program for Mac OS 10.2. When I do, I get a file that does not open.

This is the page I am using.


Just tried on eu mirror, the dmg mount without problem.

If you click on the .torrent, it is only a link that you will need to use in a torrent program like azureus

Yeah I downloaded it through the .torrent link this time, but the file I get won’t open. There’s a message saying there is no application to open it.

It sounds like you have somehow changed the diskimage mounter to no longer mount .dmg files by default. If the file you are opening has a .dmg extension on the end, it should open with the diskimage mounter app.

If you click command-i when the dmg is selected and go into the “open with” section. Click the bit to select an application - it may just be “other” that’s in the list. If so, click “other”.

Then in the browser dialog that appears, go to /system/library/coreservices and select the application DiskImageMounter. Then click add. Finally click change all so that all .dmg files will open with this in future.

Okay, I got it now. Thanks.

I’m completely new to this and downloaded the tutorial. Now all of the commands and instructions seem to be for PC. Ex. I have no ctrl button, and can’t right click. Is there a list of mac commands available?

Control = Command

And you’ll definitly need at least a two buttons mouse. 3 buttons mouse would be ideal though.

I still can’t believe a company can still ships comps with 1 button mice…