Downloading Vimeo Videos

How do you guys download videos made by Andrew Price or anyone else from Vimeo? When i right click on the download button and press Download with Free Download Manager, everything goes fine until i switch on my Pc the next day. When i try to resume he download, it says invalid username and password although i have already entered the correct username and password in the Properties. So how can i download videos?

Im guessing that your pausing the download and then turning off your computer, then trying to resume when you turn it back on again. Its probubly messing up because during all this your effectivly logging off, which could disrupt it?
Is there some ‘keep me logged on’ option somewhere? (Im not overly familiar with Vimeo yet)

Pro tip - leave your computer on all night so it can download a couple while you sleep, then when you wake up youve got yourself some tutorials to start the day with. Its what I do because my internet is so terrible, and I cant download large things thoughout the day if I want to use the internet at all.

I agree with AD-Edge…just don’t turn the computer off.
Although personally i have 8mbs internet… so i just watch them when i want, but i have downloaded a few. I havvn’t ever had any issues with downloading over night or anything.

I use orbit downloader (standalone and plug in for firefox) or jdownloader (standalone) to download videos from vimeo.
If you use jdownloader you should also install the plug in flashgot which you can install via the program (just go through the menu lists and you will find the button) after that you can right click a video on vimeo or youtupe and select copy video url. after a few seconds jdownloader will find the video (it its opened) and you just have to add it to your download list. it has a lot of other nice features you will find out when using it

@German_Maui: so you mean to say that Free Download Manager cant resume such downloads

I don’t know the Free Download Manager. But I think with jdownloader it’s possible to restart downloads even from website like vimeo (but I’m not quiet sure on that, cause I haven’t done it in a while)

You had better use some designed downloader! I don’t think it is feasible to use some common downloading tool!

keepvid it. its easy and doesnt cost anything, and you get the whole video :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know that the account info will be disrupted by pausing of the download application. It’s strange! But if the case is that you often have to stop downloading in middle way, resume download task is a must thing for you.
I suggest you another online video recorder, which will reserve the download history for download again or resume downloading. It is a suitable tool to record vimeo video and you don’t need to log on the website account.When you open the program next time, it will download vimeo videos which were incompletely downloaded last time and finish it at decent speed.

Try Using RealPlayer Downloader
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