downloading virtualight

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I tried to download virtualight and that went fine but then I have to get a password by sending an e-mail. The shortcut to the adress where i have to send to is a button and when i press it i get a “no program to send mail through internet shortcuts” or something like that. Normally with a mailto link you can see the adress at the bottom of the window but because it is a button i can’t. does anyone know how i can solve this?

And then another thing. I am creating a website in tripod to post my house for the blenderville project. I uploaded the file without any problem but how do create a link to this file? can anyone with experience in this please help me…



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I dont know for your first problem but on tripod you must add a gem web(Ithink) then choose multimedia section and then choose add file of add video if it is a .avi or mpeg.

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Probably you haven’t configured an email client for your browser. Somewhere you can say what email client you want to use.

If this doesn’t work write to: [email protected]
with the subject: Password 1.2

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ok i’ll try that…