Downloading Yayfray question

I was just about to download yayfray, but when it got to the part where I pick my operating system I got confused. What is the sources at the top. Also, I have pentium 4, but I don’t see optimised anywhere, so does that mean that I get the one that just says windows? One more thing, What’s with the ( * ) It says on the bottom something about C runtime or something. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Pick the Windows (Pentium IV optimized). Install it, try and run it, and if it doesn’t work, then copy the DLL at the bottom into your C:\windows\system32 directory.

Sources are in case you want to compile Yafray yourself. Henrymop is right, just download the P4 optimized verison, install it and use it. Blender should find it when rendering with it.

My computer doesn’t say pentium “optimised”. Do i still get that one?

It means that the software has been specially compiled so that it is optimised ON PENTIUM IV. NOT that the computer must be pentium optimised.

Thank you!