Downloads - Circumnavigation - Past Ages and Bygone Times - 2020

Copied from Downloads Maritime Section 3 which was completed games.

I started on the circumnavigation of the UK originally on these forums and methinks that I the way I will continue. So no I won’t post in completed section further and will continue on the work in progress pages. Frequent changes are due to several reasons especially after closing my web site, complications with windows 10, the removal of the original game engine, and several other reasons I won’t go into.

Routes will have versions and all will be available from the Blender Artists page, all under 5 megabyte zip including textures. Route size about 10 to 40 km. All past ages and bygone times. sail and some steamships possibly. All free.
Many of the routes will be very basic initially but based on srtm2 maps. Probably have to use the displace function greyscale map as even the original script altered and had to change to greyscale.

All routes will be 2.79b. There will be no 2.8 routes. All routes will be embedded, so people outside of these forums will need to download 2.79b from the archives.

Details will also be in the zip file. All the previous routes will be used but altered and adapted as necessary.
My routes will now be posted at a leisurely rate as that is how it is at my age. (smile)

B (3.0 MB)

Not for commercial use.
Use all the routes strictly at your own risk.

Annan Scotland (2.6 MB)

Not for commercial use.
Use all the routes strictly at your own risk.

wasd for sloop
keys, 1, 2, 3 to start the preset movement.
Refer to readme in the zip.

The Solway Firth is fed by two main rivers further upstream. The river Eden has Rockcliffe but due to the rocky river-bed is does not have a harbour.
If we start to follow the coast along the English side. There was Fishergate renamed Port Carlisle. I included these routes previously a while ago but there is only a remnant of the old harbour showing in the mud.

Quote from my previous route.
The next area of interest is further downriver to where Port Carlisle was built about 1819 at the mouth of the river Eden. Just the remnants can be seen in the online maps, protruding out of the mud. It was known originally as Fishergate before Port Carlisle was built, connecting to Carlisle with a new canal along which the sailing vessels were towed. Hower the canal was eventually filled in and replaced by a railway line. I have not included this area as I have no idea what the old dock and harbour originally looked like.

So we will move on to Silloth next.

Not for commercial use.
Use all the routes strictly at your own risk. (3.1 MB)
Steamships - preset routes keys 1 and 2 to start the vessel movements.
Probably be either steam ships or sailing vessels in the routes from now on. It depends on the docks and harbours and their size.

a04 Maryport
Not for commercial use.
Use strictly at your own risk. (4.1 MB)

key 1 opens dock gates and starts the cargo vessel on route for second dock.
It pauses for a little while in middle of dock.

a05 Maryport version 2 (‘towing’)
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (3.5 MB)

key 1 starts the cargo ship movement.
key 2 start the ‘towing’ manoeuver.
Roaming camera home/end/ arrow keys

Next working along the Solway Firth 3 different docks in the one route.
a06 Workington - Harrington - Whitehaven.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
6 steamships to start movements with keys, 1,2,3,4,5,6
Roaming camera home/end/arrow-keys. (3.9 MB)

Whitehaven brings us to the beginning of the Solway Firth and Mount St Bees. Working south around the coast of England and most routes will now be sail. Perhaps I can expand the sailing vessels.

It is important for me to keep below 5 meg. zip file including textures to enable these routes to be made available for download. Again my thanks to the Management of Blender Artists. B

We have now left the Solway Firth along the coast to Ravenglass.
This is mainly pretend but the terrain is based on srtm2.
Back to sail c1800. There is no harbour.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (4.4 MB) (4.8 MB)

Basic route layout before the huge shipyards and docks were built.
Use the route strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.

Drivable sloop wasd
Drivable sailing-flat tfgh

Millom is one side of the map and Piel Island the other side.
Finally added the jib-sail back to the two mast schooner but the two Piel island vessels are static ‘floating’.

a09 Ulverston canal and Morecambe Bay.
One drivable schooner now including headsail. ijkl
Use entirely at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (4.8 MB)

Maybe next era from about 1837 onwards and very small routes of docks, ports, harbours, only. Steam ships so they won’t be drivable ‘sailable’. Preset routes over very small distances. B

A lot depends when a dock was built, and size of dock gates. If old is there still enough remaining to try and create it, or has it all sunk into the mud with just a little above water. The opposite for the modern docks and the huge size of the ships as the decades roll on by.

So far most of the docks I have created are about right. The ideal though is the small old docks for the schooners, etc. As I have built both types of docks and used sail and steam ships. I think the best option, is now not (drivable) but small preset routes within docks of a few sailing vessels. Maximum route time about 10 minutes to fit my interests. Quays will be built with small section of quayside and no longer extruded. B