Downloads - Circumnavigation - Past Ages and Bygone Times - 2020

Decided to make Glasson available.
1 opens dock gate.
wasd for sailing flat.
I can’t level terrain, around docks etc, as unable to find details again using Vector I think.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Zip file under 5 meg.

B (4.5 MB)

Fleetwood before the fishing docks were built. So much guesswork.
Includes the multiple scenario.
Refer to enclosed readme in zip file.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (4.4 MB)

I repaired 2 missing textures. Tested with a download ands seem to be OK

11 rivers Ribble and Douglas.
schooner wasd.
Use strictly at you own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Replaced with corrected Ribble route (3.3 MB)

Due to alteration for downloading srm2 data and also changes applying to the Blender Script, etc, time to change tack and forget routes. It’s a case of continually adapting to ‘changes’
Further routes will now be on very small areas within or very near docks and harbours based on OpenStreetMap. Steamships only with funnels on preset tracks with a time limit of about 15 minutes, operated from keyboard. No further sailing ships, no further scenarios. no further drivable/sailable. 2.79b seems to have plenty of functions suitable for my interests. (smile).
Zip file probably up to about 5 meg on this page when available, including textures.

As these days I seem to be making routes for myself perhaps that gives me the opportunity to change methods. The change in accessing srtm2 data has altered my position. To only make steamships would still mean using srtm2 data for the surroundings to docks. Too difficult and time consuming trimming routes I found out after several hours. As I have already made all the routes from Scotland down to Lands’ End I will continue with sail not steamers.
Perhaps create some scenarios for myself for each route (available for download up to 5 meg or so zip including textures. So back to the Solway Firth.

Next route is back to the river Mersey and the docks of about 1800.
That is already made and and downloadable previously.
However I am also trying to remake the Ellesmere Port canal complex with sailing barge traffic higher up-river between Liverpool docks and the barge complex at Ellesmere Port. So it will be a while before it is available for download,

Mersey c 1800.
A few adjustments made.
Ellesmere Port I decided not to remake it .
Drivable - sloop, sailing flat, schooner.
wasd, tfgh.ijkl.
Roaming camera home/end and arrow keys.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Download Blender version 2.79b from the Blender Archives, and install it which enables you to run any of my routes.
B’ (4.5 MB)

2nd Version of Liverpool Docks and river Mersey c 1800
key 1 starts preset schooner.
Drivable schooner wasd.
Drivable sailing flat. tfgh
Download Blender version 2.79b from the Blender Archives, and install it, which enables you to run any of my routes.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
B (4.5 MB)

downloaded and tested so seems to be OK

Perhaps a version 3 Mersey next, using key 1 to 9 to set the sailing ships in motion.Whether I add anything else depends on keeping the zip file below 5 meg.
Perhaps a tidal rise using the twelths function for the river Dee Estuary which might include Liverpool docks as I don’t want to trim down any of the routes already made. These stretch from Solway Firth to Lands End, Isle of Man and Anglesey and Menai Straits.
The twelths function is the tidal height rise or tidal fall over 6 hours. I would need the middle section 3 and 4 with tide rise at fastest rate. First hour one twelth rise, 2nd hour 2 twelths, 3rd hours 3 twelths 4th hour 3 twelths, 5th hour 2 twelths . 6th hour 1 twelth. B

Due to concerns about security I will stop uploading routes for the forseeable future.
Please note before downloading any of my routes check they are free of malware! Thanks B

On a final note I have been swamped with adverts, etc.
I finally found the cure ,the 3 tiny dots afer microsoft edge page gives the choice to remove all, some, or none, so at present s it’s set to none and that seems to get rid of the ‘Problem’

Ransome malware seems rampant and I appear to have some on the computer. Most of it I have blocked including three trojans that came with it.
The only problem at present it alters the exe file name on a few demo games I have. The current virus checkers still seem to have left the core?
My best plan is no nonger to have any further interest in Blender or making free true to life sailung route from 1800 onwards.

So my best wishes to anybody who has an interest in the embedded game engine
Amazon I think changed to an open source game engine which I need ti investigate.
Trimmed this post down to explain reason for ceasing.

Amazon Open 3D Engine for late 2021. Formerly lumberyard.
Sadly the game engine of Blender is a lost cause for me. I stayed with it over many years and using the slight improvement the embedded game engine was gradually builing up. The updated Blender Game Engine was going to be added originally but that seems to have become ‘lost’. UPBGE is different and not suitable for me.
The open source Amazon, Open 3D Engine for late 2021.The renamed lumberyard due later this year looks interesting to follow events.
I think that summarises my interests.

Upbge 0.2.5 is the exact same thing as blender 2.79, Upbge only added some functions and tons of bug fixes, even the UI is the same…

Amazon makes their game engine open source - General Forums / Latest News - Blender Artists Community

I make ship routes for others as well as for myself over 20 years.
That needs blender 2.79b or the ‘alternative’ upbge.
Now Blender has it archives going back many years. This in turn makes it easy for someone to look up the archives and download 2.79b. The components of upbge all need to be in one place and simple to download, for others! As far as I know, for some reason these are not archived in Blender archives.

Security next is a VERY IMPORANT point. Previously I could transfer my routes, from my computer, all under 5 meg, direct to Blender Game Engine.
What is the security position in Blender Artists !!

At present I am trying to erase several PUP malware viruses from my site which has changed its name 3 times PUA Win32/presenoker
, latest w32/ Contebrew. A!ml . also the first the name which I have forgotten. Manually and with windows defender, which removed the infected item but always not the core. I have tried a dozen commercial malware removers trial versions to see if the core was removed before buying but so far only removes the infected item. Exe file of games etc become a jumble of letters and figures each different.
If! I was able to remove the malware/viruses PLUS CORE and be sure of the Blender Game Engine security! I would reconsider the real life ship routes again.

p.s I can download from Blender Game Engine my own routes OK.

I think the 2.79b idea is now a lost cause! Routes were made so it would be easy to find and download 2.79b, for others to run the routes as embedded,

You are just stubborn… To afraid to use an other program, because you think all will be lost. I told you bge 2.79 is crap, upbge 0.2.5 is the exact same thing (has an other name, the engine used is still 2.79) with tons of bug fixes, and some things they added to help out with quality.

All you do now with 2.79 can be done with upbge 0.2.5, file size won’t change, you can still upload it to your topics here, even putting a link to upbge 0.2.5 is easier, so downloading it ain’t a problem.

Simply put a message in your openingspost saying something like: from route 123456 upbge 0.2.5 is used so from this route and onwards/newer use upbge 0.2.5 is safer then your PC, what security you looking for? There is no security needed…at all. The only thing is:

Your PC is a security risk, i recommend that you format your pc and reinstall windows so that your PC is clean and safe again. You are the security risk here, while you upload you can spread the viruses with it to others who download your routes.

You should keep making routes, that is if you still like to do it. There is no reason to stop doing what you do, just switch to upbge 0.2.5 and continue your work. All your previous made routes should work without a problem.

So go ahead, try it.

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Thanks for email.
To clarify a few points
Regarding viruses and malware I reinstalled windows,
All my routes I download back down after uploading and far as I know they are all clear when I checked them for malware.
The problem is my uploads, are they safe from infection from Blender Artists, with the mass of third parties, and uploads from others. Unlikely they are all virus free? At preent I have adverts either side of this post in Blender
Previously as my routes are ALL under 5 meg and could drag them straight from my computer to Blender. So how safe is Blender?
I doubt if this method is safe anymore. I used to use ftp when I uploaded to my website but I think that has stopped with some search engines.
PUPs can easily be caught from images and numerous other ways.
Perhhaps you could detail the safest UPLOAD method as regards Blender, not my computer
I have no specific interest in Blender, but have made ship and train routes over many years starting from about 1995 when computers first came out. I regard the routes and simulations as discussion areas which is the most important feature as with the various forums I have been on regarding ships and trains and real world simulations.


Yes, if you upload them virus free then they stay virus free, you don’t have to worry about that, it’s safe.
The process is very simple, you upload to BA site, this is just an other HDD for storage, nothing get’s opened so nothing can get inside uploaded files.

Blender is safe, don’t worry about it. if your routes getting bigger then 5 MB then you can simply use an other safe storage site like Keep in mind some are free some got limited free storage.

This ftp or ws_ftp is indeed the easiest way to upload to websites, but is just as safe as uploading things trough your browser, the upload process is the same, only the way you do it is different.

Anyway you like, you could go for a SSL connection, but that doesnt matter with just stuff that you upload. The only thing that matters with uploading is how safe is your pc before you zip or rar the files you want to upload, due to that is the only way that virusses can get into it. If you PC is safe then any way you can or want to upload is fine.

Further clarification: First and foremost there was nothing wrong, for what I make, using bge, which is ship routes based on the UK coastline using srtm2 data.

Ships and sailing vessels could be easily made and endless scenarios are possible. They just needed the imagination of the route creator (myself)
Al routes were simply made and kept to under 5 meg using alt and d etc.

Blender and its embedded game engine works fine. However the powers that be changed the format.

Again obviously Blender Artists has no further place for real life simulations going by the response, feedback, discussion, for real life simulations . They seem to have pushed this category over the edge.

I know all about upbge and used it as a trial early on!
If you want bells and whistles, sky dome etc, and endless other thing could easily be included using bge, but in my case, not used, as kept all routes under 5 meg.

I think the various happenings also completed the picture

This post is mainly a general letter outlining what I make. It is not a personal letter, as some information in the personal letters are very useful.

Cured most of the mass of adverts
from various sources. Regarding the ships I might continue, as what I make is part of history. Regarding malware, far as I know, no sign of it in the routes, however always best to check for malware.


To sort out what I have made using only version 2.79b is the best approach. To learn all the features of 2.79b is more than enough for me, as explained on the various pages, with age a major factor.

All my routes are up to or under 5 meg. and will stay that way. Each route could have a wide variety of different scenarios using the embedded version 2.79b. Era mainly age of sail.
Routes are all free and most of the textures are my own which is the best method (for me). Critique (so called) is not required and will be unable to reply to it. If you us any of my routes they are not for commercial use. Due to changes in srtm2 data for downloads, I will be unable to use for creating further routes at present.
So I will be starting at the beginning again. Each single route might now have several variations. Routes as usual start at the Solway Firth on the Scotland shoreline. B