Downloads - Circumnavigation - Past Ages and Bygone Times - 2020

Thanks Daedalus much appreciated. Had enough of Windows 10. Especially when they mention the large size updates (once or twice a year) will become compulsory, as far as I know. Also they need a fast download connection. Barry

P.S Dell laptops and computers seem to have Ubuntu pre-installed on manyy of there items so may look further into that, also elementary OS you mention.

Liverpool and the river Mersey which I have already made and can be downloaded. However a while back I deleted another version, so I am still interested in expanding this river up to Ellesmere Port and working locks. I already made this when I had my website . I will see what happens in the next year .

Anyway from now on I will keep to just my own area of interest. As regards a circumnavigation I have made harbours and ports around approx. a quarter of the UK coastline. To continue it would need a different set up to what is currently available. B

Trying Mersey and Dee at 57,000 meters.
Liverpool docks of c1800.
Other harbours need making and Ellesmere Port
All have to fit within 5 meg zip file including textures.
Using Blender displacement function srtm2 and 3 Dem for greyscale height map. B

Should anyone post I will no longer be answering any queries.
I dont know what happened to the new game engine that was mentioned when the original game engine was withdrawn.
As nothing now on these forums seem to be relevant as regards what I make time finally to close these posts.

Use any of my routes strictly as you own risk.
All details in the routes may be approximate or include guesswork
All details descriptions dates, textures , etc might be approximate or guesswork.
B. Bye.

All versions of blenders game engine are
available. What version where you using?

I am also curious, why does everything need to fit in a 5mb zip file?


I have explained in many of my posts.
To enable the routes to be downloaded direct from these pages the maximum size is 5 meg!

Again to make these routes the user has to download version 2.79b to run them.


I did read your posts regarding 5mb limit. You could create larger files and link them here. I’m not sure why it is important to have the files directly on blender artist.

Upbge is a continuation of the blender game engine, have you considered using that? What I meant above is that blender 2.79b is still available (and nearly all previous versions) and can still be used.

UPBGE isn’t a continuation of Embedded Blender.

People outside of Blender and from Blender require an easy straight- forward download to enable the routes to be easily loaded and run, as with 2.79b in the archives.

My routes are about the past ages and bygone times relating to the coast, based on satellite data.

5 meg is enough for what I need to make reasonable coastal simulations of the bygone times including textures at approx. 15 to 40 km. Also most importantly they fit within the download limit of the Blender Forum.

Details trimmed down to suit ‘environment’.


The New Year 2021

As I consider the past ages and bygone times are as important as the current days I will probably resume the coastal basic route making, maximum zip size up to or below 5 megabyte, routes maybe approx. 15 km up to possibly 40 km approx.
Routes will be sail only and no further steamships.
Regarding interactive scenarios as I have no interest in these and apparently little to no interest by others these are discontinued.

Each route that I have previously made will be amended and adjusted and will start from the Solway Firth on the borders of Scotland and England. When I consider them satisfactory I will upload. at a leisurely rate, 1 at a time. Maximum zip size up to or below 5 meg including textures.


Use any of the downloads, routes and details STRICTLY at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
So keep safe and Best Wishes for 2021.

Most routes have details in the zip file.
Routes are used to help to portray a ‘glimpse’ of the past ages and bygone times. They are not made for the game element or artistic appeal.


As the catalogue of software changes increases, I might reconsider using a few of the routes already made. River Ribble around to Conway North Wales, including Isle of Man…

The srtm2 data for height maps appears to have changed. As before the complete routes will all be up to or under 5 meg zip file. This is enough to create reasonable ship routes. Era as before approx. 1800-1815 maybe.Any later and it becomes too complex to create.

No further scenarios will be created, any within the area detailed will be removed. Era would be ‘age of sail’ only. Made with ‘floating’, static, one drivable, some on preset routes.

All based on 2.79b and this Blender version see Blender Archives.
At the stage of only considering and any further details will be on this thread.


Area extended on looking through already made routes. Border of Scotland to Lands’ End. B

been a while. i was wondering if we were gonna see you again. welcome back :slight_smile:

while probably not something you would use, i managed to figure out world tile streaming which i think could be useful for big routes while keeping things nice and fast.

each port/town would be its own area which would be removed, along with all objects in the area, when the camera leaves. combine that with origin shifting and you could make big routes without impacting physics performance.

Hi Daedalus. Just wiped out by accident my posts to you.
I was trying to upload a zip file to start the series off again. I will try again
Sounds very interesting the streamed routes idea and perhaps I could try it out for myself.

Many Thanks

Second try and only part loads. So that finishes the downloads of any new routes. More for younger people Blender nowadays for the current direction it has gone to. Your experimental work sounds interesting, to try out for myself .

Thanks Barry

send me a couple of areas to stitch together and ill send it back all setup. but note the main drawback is file size will reflect all the assets put in (bigger files).

Downloads - Maritime - Section-3 - Game Engine / Finished Games - Blender Artists Community
Daedalus I had look through my 6 pages.
I am not sure how you could get the stitched routes to me.
I have made a link to list 3. The first 3 routes at the top of the page Silloth, Maryport, Workington, follow on from each other around the coastline, all under 5 meg zipped. These are for the steamships.

It may be too complex for me,
I downloaded the 3 routes and about 10 to 14 meg unzipped.
The Maryport has a missing textures but as only for myself I could fix that later.
I will see if uploads still work as before again, up to 5 meg zipped and downloadable from the forum pages direct.
Thanks Barry
P.S. Upload reaches 73 percent and stops so perhaps the forum has altered the limit of uploads? Downloaded the 3 routes no problem. (3.4 MB) (3.1 MB) (4.4 MB)

Finally uploaded the 3 steamship routes following along the coastline. All below 5 meg.
Starting from from Silloth. Next I need to download them to check if there were any more problems.
They follow the coastline and based on actual map details. The next step may take a while.
There are screenshots of these on the other pages.

The steamships are on pre-set tracks. There are no drivable vessels.
The next step is the age of sail only. Again there are numerous screenshots I have made on the various pages and pointless in making them over again.

The main interest is the age of sail following around the coastline. All the routes have been made previously so over a period of time I will look at each route. making adjustments if necessary. and try and upload them in order.

With the steamships I could only make these run on preset journeys and unable to make them Drivable. I will remove any scenarios as I have little interest in these. At least one vessel will be drivable in each route. If interested it is an easy matter to download any of the routes as all 5 meg or below as a zip file.

The general details are - Download the zip file, extract or drag the folder from the zip file. Most will have 3 items, texture folder, readme, Blend file which is the route. Open the route folder. Open blend file. press key P or tag start game engine.
Roaming camera is home/end and arrow keys.
Drivable will probably be one from wasd, tfgh, ijkl.
Any animations or vessel movements will be one or more keys 1 to 9.
To run the route. download version 2.79b from the Blender Archives.
You do not need to know how to use Blender but required to run the route.
I have no idea if I will continue as there have been several setbacks due to changes to software.
It will be a long term project. As the routes become available I will try and upload them after running it and making any adjustments.
With all these routes run them strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Also any dates, details, content, docks, ports, harbours etc, might be approximate, and possibly some guesswork, etc.
They are now made for my own interests and you are welcome to run them.

There will be no screenshots as numerous screenshots of mine are shown on numerous pages previously, about the various docks and harbours.

Making use of Google map I can follow along the adjacent roads to see what remains or may be suitable to try and include. Also refer to readme in any of the routes.

As the emphasis is the docks and harbours I suppose steamships as cargo vessels is an alternative. Emphasis then would be vessel movements in the harbours. The age of sail gradually changed to the age of steamships. No drivable with steamships preset movements and floating static on ‘swell’.

steamships together with sailing vessels perhaps seems an attractive alternative, true to real life then perhaps. The actual dates and era then has no need to be definitive, A painting of Annan stone quays show a 3 mast vessel bringing in grain and behind is a tall funnel steamship. Perhaps a different Annan.
Main problem is the srtm2 height map 3 arc seems no longer available to download.