Downloads - Circumnavigation - Past Ages and Bygone Times - 2020

Thanks Daedalus much appreciated. Had enough of Windows 10. Especially when they mention the large size updates (once or twice a year) will become compulsory, as far as I know. Also they need a fast download connection. Barry

P.S Dell laptops and computers seem to have Ubuntu pre-installed on manyy of there items so may look further into that, also elementary OS you mention.

Liverpool and the river Mersey which I have already made and can be downloaded. However a while back I deleted another version, so I am still interested in expanding this river up to Ellesmere Port and working locks. I already made this when I had my website . I will see what happens in the next year .

Anyway from now on I will keep to just my own area of interest. As regards a circumnavigation I have made harbours and ports around approx. a quarter of the UK coastline. To continue it would need a different set up to what is currently available. B

Trying Mersey and Dee at 57,000 meters.
Liverpool docks of c1800.
Other harbours need making and Ellesmere Port
All have to fit within 5 meg zip file including textures.
Using Blender displacement function srtm2 and 3 Dem for greyscale height map. B