Downloads - Circumnavigation - Past Ages and Bygone Times - 2020

If you explore my pages there are about 50 routes that can be downloaded. As they are all under or about 5 megS they are available from the forum pages. All that is required is Blender version 2.79b from the archives to run them. All my routes are absolutely free of change.

Moving on to the critical question. Most are set in the age of sail. The 3 steamship routes can be downloaded from this page and I think the steamship page.

As regards what I make in the future the srtm2 data is no longer available for download. I think you need to register. Luckily I have already made all the routes from Solway Firth along the coast to Lands End and Further I think.

From now on I will be adapting all the routes, already made and adapt them to steamship. With steamships they will not be drivable so they will either be static ‘floating’ or on preset routes. They will mainly be basic cargo ships and perhaps others later, set in motion by keyboard 1 to 9 etc. The entire route including textures, ships, terrain etc are up to 5 meg zipped. and each route already made will be adapted and downloadable from this page.

The era perhaps 1850 to 1950 or therabouts, approximate, etc.
B (3.0 MB)
Using routes made previously. Adapted for preset routes including static floating. Perhaps one drivable.
Use at your own risk - Details, dates, etc might be approximate or guesswork. B
Paddle Steamer drivable. wasd - see readme (3.3 MB)

Annan - Use strictly at your own risk.
please refer to readme enclosed in zip-file B
Replaced previous to fix sea (3.4 MB)

Silloth. Use strictly at your own risk.
Please refer to readme in download for further details.
If any queries about a specific route after downloading please post.

Use strictly at your own risk.
If any queries about a specific route after downloading please post.
Please refer to enclosed zip file B (3.1 MB)

A single route- coastal steamships.
05 Workington.
3 seperate Docks - Workington, Harrington, Whitehaven.
6 Vessels on the route, with vessel movements on all 3 three docks.
Operated from keyboard keys 1 to 6.
Please refer to enclosed readme for more details.

Use Strictly at you your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
All details might be approximate or include
guesswork. B (4.4 MB)

Deleted screenshot. There are numerous other screenshots of mine on the various pages. Easier to download a route if any interest as all up to or below 5 meg ZIP size.
Back to the sailng ships for now as we are now leaving the Solway Firth and continue around the coastline up to Cornwall or further as the download system o download srtm2 data appears to have altered. To reach the Thames would be interesting with the sailing barges. B (4.4 MB)

Ravenglass is reached after travelling further along the shoreline.
3 small rivers meet and a floating barrel acts as a buoy marker.
One drivable sloop surrounded by 4 ‘floating’ sloops to represent fishing craft. The roadway stretches straight across and onto the beach.

Barrow-in-Furness and Millom. (3.3 MB)
Basic route to show terrain of the area. Maybe 18th C
Barrow in Furness became one of the largest iron and steel and ship building complexes in the world.
So this route a few quays, terrain and one drivable schooner.B

The Barrow in Furness route was before the huge shipyards and docks were built. Much of the previous details for harbour layouts perhaps no longer exist or little remains of the quays etc. So as mentioned I have very little interest in spending ‘ages’ on it.

I think my main interest next is Morecambe Bat. Barrow in Furness is at the head before the Bay. Looking back at what I have already made, at the beginning is the Ulverston Canal at mile and quarter long. Also I made an attempt at Glasson Dock terain position only. Both are downloadable

So might see if I can update them. I think from this point onwards the updates will be made at a very leisurely pace, as mainly for my own interest. Probably started many,many years ago when I had a 21 ft sloop, for a short time, moored on the river Douglas off the river Ribble.

Ulverston canal one and quarter miles length. 4.6 meters deep - Built approx. 1796. 20 meters wide built for large ships. Built to connect town to Morecambe Bay.

Glasson Docks 1787. Large dock to hold up to 25 merchant ships.
Locks connecting to canal 14 feet (4.3m).
Ships carried slate, timber , etc.
Reason for measurements - required when working on it,

Decided to upload the route wth the Ulverston canal.
Schooner wasd.

For myself I would prefer to remake Morecambe Bay with the rising tide rushing in to fill the gulleys and deep water channels etc.
The next route was going to be Glasson dock but decided to omit it and perhaps continue from the river Ribble. B (4.8 MB)

Decided to make Glasson available.
1 opens dock gate.
wasd for sailing flat.
I can’t level terrain, around docks etc, as unable to find details again using Vector I think.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Zip file under 5 meg.

B (4.5 MB)

Fleetwood before the fishing docks were built. So much guesswork.
Includes the multiple scenario.
Refer to enclosed readme in zip file.
Use strictly at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (4.4 MB)

I repaired 2 missing textures. Tested with a download ands seem to be OK

11 rivers Ribble and Douglas.
schooner wasd.
Use strictly at you own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Replaced with corrected Ribble route (3.3 MB)

Due to alteration for downloading srm2 data and also changes applying to the Blender Script, etc, time to change tack and forget routes. It’s a case of continually adapting to ‘changes’
Further routes will now be on very small areas within or very near docks and harbours based on OpenStreetMap. Steamships only with funnels on preset tracks with a time limit of about 15 minutes, operated from keyboard. No further sailing ships, no further scenarios. no further drivable/sailable. 2.79b seems to have plenty of functions suitable for my interests. (smile).
Zip file probably up to about 5 meg on this page when available, including textures.

As these days I seem to be making routes for myself perhaps that gives me the opportunity to change methods. The change in accessing srtm2 data has altered my position. To only make steamships would still mean using srtm2 data for the surroundings to docks. Too difficult and time consuming trimming routes I found out after several hours. As I have already made all the routes from Scotland down to Lands’ End I will continue with sail not steamers.
Perhaps create some scenarios for myself for each route (available for download up to 5 meg or so zip including textures. So back to the Solway Firth.