Downtime on sunday or monday

(Timothy) #1

Hey all, is going to have a bit of downtime on either sunday or monday.

Reason for this is some database restructuing, and all 10.000 posts will have to be parsed with a php script,… dunno how succesfull this will be so I will also have to make a backup upfront, all in all I hope to get it ready within the hour, but it might take longer.
Basicly, this update will eliminate double posting almost completely (adding another cool check), and I know atleast the moderators will love that :).

During the update I will also change all nicks larger than 11 chars to 11 chars and edit the nickname field in the database. If I have time I will also add a couple of more entries to the profile, such as first name, last name etc (perhaps a picture field??).

Timothy Kanters

p.s. any suggestions please post them below

(blengine) #2

i hope everything goes well… the picture field idea is wonderful!! excellent thinking, try to incorporate that if u can… 11 chars eh? well… i guess thats cool :x hehe

(DaniHell) #3

Wow!! A picture field!! Does that means every member would have to see MY UGLY FACE?? Hurray!!!

(TheHobbit) #4

You could put a bag over your head Dani. :stuck_out_tongue:

(fullback) #5


Time to break out the novelty teeth. :slight_smile:

(joecool) #6

change your nick back to blengine :slight_smile:

(haunt_house) #7

picture field would be great

some additional post ranks would be nice. Although I like being a guru…


(blengine) #8

back to blengine eh? nah…thats so dull… is not mah style homie…how bout masta? haheheho… nah…ill just take out my ‘D’ …imgranpaboy
werks fer me 8)

(LohnS) #9

but blengine is such a cool name, its your identity. It says that this guy ‘blengine’ is a heaps good blenderer (which you are) =)

(Timothy) #10

hey all this is just a small test of the posting system which I just updated

and am now testing the editing part yay

(Timothy) #11


well everyone the downtime is gonna be a bit less, what I had thought would be quite an intense update which would take aprox. an hour to achieve (due to a pretty intense php script) took me 2 seconds all in all, and I didn’t even took the website down for the upgrade :D.

Anyways, I still made a pretty significant change to the forum database which will help prevent double posting in the future. I will wait a few hours with updating again to totally prevent double posting. the 2nd update also won’t involve any downtime.

I have also limited all nicknames to the 11 characters. And will update the profile page later this week (perhaps today, but perhaps not).