Downtime Upgrade

Just wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed a very visible boost in speed when using the forum after it’s brief downtime?

I’ve got 4Mb/s broadband and before today the forum was quite fast but could become sluggish.

Now, post-upgrade, it’s lightningly fast.

So elYsium guys, did you boost it at all? Not that I’m complaining :smiley:

Welps, both the upload speed and the server are much faster so that could definately cause a significant speed boost.

Also we’ve moved the server from a reasonable cheap provider on a 2nd rate network in Houston Texas to Amsterdam The Netherlands. The new provider is also pretty cheap but the location is one of the best in Europe.

Tomorrow I’ll add a couple more optimizations so things can become a bit faster still.


just checked the server, average upload speek was 6mbit/s over about 10 minutes, with a max of 14mbit/s.

Not really an indication about the true speed we can reach, which I suspect would be close to 100mbit. Since we are hooked up to a 100mbit router and have a gigabit full-duplex network interface.

Timothy Hell yeah! There
were a few times that the
forum took so long to load
that my browser gave up.