Dozer at work

hello, here is first image from the series. Hope you like.


Nicely done. For a moment I thought the render was a reference photo.

Steve S

Great work! a little bit more dirt would make it perfect

That’s what I’m talking about! I love seeing images of heavy duty machines working!

Your whole scene overall is great. The rocks are very nicely done, the texturing and lighting is good. Did you use a combination of particles and rigid bodies to place the rocks? The vegetation is also a very nice touch.

If I had any suggestions, it would be that the dozer could use more wear and tear in the texturing in the upper areas of the machine. It seems strange that the tracks would be so rusty and dirty while the upper bits look almost brand new.

Other than that, wonderful work, easydream!

Wow, I too thought that was a ref picture at first. Very well done, put a more interesting sky and a little more dirt and it will be perfect! Right now it definitely looks like a real scale model, though! Impressive.

Sir. nice stones!

Steve S, thank you!
retro world, thank you!
James Candy, jblender, thank you! I totally agree that in general for more realistic result dozer should be more dirty and it should be leaks on upper panels, but this rendering should work as a real photo for advertizing - that is only one reason why i did not make dirt on all those surfaces, bc for advertizing client needed it looking new and cute :slight_smile:
Kramon, thank you!

beautiful image,nice rocks and trees.

rusted, thank you!

Great job. Very good detail, looks like reference.

The_Warder , thank you!

really cool did!

now client wants to make it in winter and mountains scene :slight_smile:

@Ghostmw2 Thank you!

Very cool job!