dpx & tiff questions

I’ve been asked to deliver in 10-bit dpx or 8- or 16-bit tiff for DCP and HDSR prints.

Reading the documentation on dpx in the blender manuals it says

Blender DPX files (entire Elephants Dream movie) have been succesfully imported in a Quantel IQ HD/2K finishing/grading set without problems, so for now we assume it’s compliant for professional usage.

So, assume doesn’t sound reassuring… Do you think it would be safe to use dpx from Blender?
Also documentation states Blender supports 8, 12, 16, and 32-bit depths although when I check a rendered dpx-file with identify (ImageMagick) it says it to be 10-bit. Can I trust this?

Also when viewing both dpx and 16-bit tiff images (display, ImageMagick) the gamma seems way off, too high. Is this just how those depths are displayed or should it be something I should worry about? Are they going to come out looking right in the DCPs?

Converting the 16-bit tiff to 8-bit I have to apply a gamma of 2.2 for the image to look right.
Is this normal behaviour for 16-bit images?

I can’t seem to convert the 10-bit dpx to 8-bit png and get a proper image with any kind of gamma conversion.