Dr. Bix And His Feline Friend

A short animation project which took 60 days to complete! Working on a better version but say what you think.

Works well as a simple sketch for a more complex project, looks like a lot of work. Keep going :slight_smile:

I really don’t want to say this but…
That was so cute! :smiley:

Dr. Bix though is very creepy. But creepy is cool! :smiley:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
And yeah qutorial I want to a bigger project using the same characters but have a proper story this time! Im just fixing all the rigging and weight painting on the character!
Thank you McThingy, it was inspired by Tim Burton which is kind of creepy an a bit cute! :smiley:

Hey Just Wondering if anyone would like to help work on a story for a continued animation. They would be fully credited! Thanks Reply on the thread or inbox me??

That guy should be portrayed first as being uncaring and maybe even evil. After having the cat for a bit and it getting into mischief, he gets sick of it and kicks it out. A little bit later he starts to realize how lonely he feels without it and goes searching for it.

Hey yeah maybe! Im thinking about the idea of creating a completely new animation as there are many errors in this project. I will defiantly keep similar character design!

very nice maybe you should keep it like it is and just add to it. post it on a cartoon website you could get a job

Thanks, Yeah maybe, theres just a lot I would change from the way I have done the project.
Just a quick render!

the cat doesnt have pupils its creepy lol but its still looks great

Think I am Just going to start a new project with a proper Story! Will Post it when I start it!