Dr. Bix And His Feline Friend

Just a still from the finished animation!


And the Final Animation! :smiley:


Thanks Ollie BB

Ok, The animation felt rushed and the movements were jerky. Everything else was fine, but there was 2 more things that made it seem off. When the camera went through the door and focused on Dr. Bix, there was no one at the door. So who rang the doorbell? Also, it would make the animation a little bit longer if you actually slowed down the camera speed heading towards the door. Fix those problems and it would improve the animation.

Yeah I had a 60 day deadline so the animation was rushed! And thank you! I kept thinking something was wrong with that part but couldn’t figure it out! About the speed of the camera I had a 60s limit which was very frustrating as I knew it was to fast! I may post a revised version but it will be to late for what i needed the animation for!
Thank you for the tips!

No problem.

Think I am Just going to start a new project with a proper Story! Will Post it when I start it!

I like the style of the characters and I love your choice of music. A bit of polish would really make this shine.