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Got into sculpting recently after pausing working with Blender for some time.

A caricature of my girlfriend:

Cartoony sketch (kinda Lemmy Kilmister dude) - gave vertex painting a try.

Practice, practice, practice. Quick’n dirty vertex colours.
Hands got really messy - don’t know how to combine mesh geometry of two dynameshes. Anyone got a tip?

I wanted to practice proper head sculpting and looked up some reference up for facial and neck muscles. Started building the muscles with clay strip brush. Had a hard time to not use the smooth function :wink: Flattened it out to see if it actualy works. I am quite satisifed with the result and learned a lot about the anatomy.
Decided she looks like a squaw and added ears, hair and some earrings.
Very first render test with cycles (i think it looks crap) - i never used it before. I have to dive deeper in setting up cycles materials and lighting next time.

I think i will try this muscle technique with torso and arms/legs next to keep on practicing.

I practiced torso muscles. It took me way too long to get it right. I created a head to get the neck right and my attention was driven towards the face. Not quite satisfied with the torso… smoothed a lot to mask my mistakes. I should practice once more.

Learning Cycles and practicing sculpting again.
Original character concept (part of a memory game i made: “villains”)

Finished this gui and learned something about cycles… still a lot to figure out :slight_smile:

Couldnt resist to do another one :slight_smile:

awesome monkey! keep it up!

This monkey rocks!

Thanks you two! :slight_smile:

Here is another member of “The Villains”: Sad Cap

Funny one!

Another member: Fat Boy - WIP …don’t know if i am going to finish him.


Hey nice game you have there. Good luck with it!

In response to post #2 about the hands… I did manage to manually merge two for a project that I’m working on, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that, especially if the geometry is dense. I think the best way to tackle it is to do it during retopo.

@Xraygunner i do it now with a boolean modifier and some extra helper geometry… not the cleanest but fastes way

@m_squared thanks very much… well, i worked almost 4 years on this game! :slight_smile:

All models selfmade, textured, animated… in blender :smiley:


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Like the look of your game. Did you make the 2D/UI art for it too?
I checked out the gameplay trailer that’s on the website, but it looks like its for early 2015…