Dr House

Hello! I’ve been updating my model of Hugh laurie as Dr House.
i’m happy with this new face i can use for scenes.
i did hair in blender 2.49 and just modeled the beginning of some clothes. the face was sculpted and texture in Zbrush.

awesome resemblance! great expressions too.

That is seriously awesome. I only just noticed this thread while looking for another :o Kinda funny too, I’m in the process of rewatching/catching up on House MD., just finished Season 5…

Love the expressions, very House-like :yes:

yes, this is a really good model. it is amazing how some of the really good threads somehow fall off the page with few or no replies. the other day, I rescued one from the third page. no replies. and really good. top notch even. I wonder what that guy would have thought if his model had simply sunk into obscurity. now it’s getting all sorts of rave reviews and lots of replies. so keep an eye out for threads with no replies that are sinking toward the bottom of the page!

maaany thanks for your comments!!! and to have saved that thread from the deep! yes i was sad with no comments…now i’m happy!! i’m working on the clothes now, and perfecting expressions. i’ll make a mesh for the hair for a printable one.

Really impressive sculpt, it looks like capture directly from an episode :D.
The hair and the beard looks pretty good too.
Are you planning to model all the body or just the portrait?

I’m eager to see your next renders.

hey! i really apriciate! yes, after have finished 2 other project, i will model the body. i really want to make him standing with his incredibles legs.
@PhillipeM: i’m watching the 3!!