Dr. Manhattan [wip]

This is a project i have been picking at back and forth between Blender and Zbrush. The original box model and UV’s created in blender, then sent to zbrush for sculpting and and coloring, and the final result will be rendered with Blender internal engine. Right now it is in blender to give a more even distribution to the hands, face, and feet, high concentrations of polys, then will be sent to zbrush again for final coloring and sculpting.


another shot…better view.


The “speedo” he wears is not part of his body. His abdomen seems long and not well defined. But if you are going to move it back to Zbrush…

In the original comic book series, he wasn’t wearing pants of any kind, but the illustrator made sure to cover up his groin area in every frame, like with a newspaper, or something like that. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I’m not quite sure how they dealt with it.

Most of the time he’s just naked in the movie, you can see his manthingy hanging around.
(I’m not trying to scare you here, but hey, it’s in IMAX size)

Anyway, the model looks pretty much like him, well done. Just the waist thingy that’s too long, but you’ll (Terence1986) already know that by now.

yeah the speedo is def gonna be a new mesh, its gonna get painted to blue skin and covered. he actually does have a weird speedo thing in a few scenes of both the movie and the book. i might just have him go nude. as for the lack of definition this model has no normal map on it…im still working out the kinks between blender and zbrush. here is a shot with a normal map on.

this shot looks almost identical but features a fraction of the polygons for animation. the only problem im finding right now, is that there are seems generated from the tangent map being baked…how do i avoid these?


yeah man , let his “ego” hang out !!!

By the way it is a good model. But it also needs several corrections.

I will have to agree with Radulan. Also his hands- fingers and feet-toes need to be improved. But obviously this a WIP and you are on the right track. Well done.

here is a shot from within Zbrush…i did away with the man thong thing and the thing on the man ain’t done yet…lol. I wanted the colors to have a high contrast like in the movie, so when he’s glowing it doesn’t just glow everywhere. the main thing i want to capture is the likeness and the emotion of the character…cuz it really was well acted if you haven’t seen it.


you actually modelled a dick? …you homo
good model tho:)

you actually modelled a dick? …you homo
Why is he a homo for modeling anatomy correctly? It doesn’t mean he’s attracted to it, just faithfull to his art.

Seriouslly it does look like a really good model though. The clavical looks a little funky, where the delts and the traps are seperated by the clavical. it doesnt look like the clavical wraps around towards the back much.

lmao…C sanders is keeping it real, show this pic to anybody outside the art community and they’d say the same thing. But i’m staying faithful to the comic, in particular the exact scene from the movie that im attempting to recreate. I’ve had to model naked dudes in art school before…its not exactly fun but you do it for the learning experience of anatomy. as for the clavicle, my clavicles in general need work, because im never quite sure exactly what it should look like and where it should go.

The part at his neck is a little weird.

His foreskin was retracted as well!
(omg, now I’m getting yelled at for being a homo, right?)

And about having issues with it… Well, just think about it scientifically. A dick is just like a middle finger, except a little bigger (well, as far as I know) and without a nail. Easy!

lmao…C sanders is keeping it real

I kinda figured that C sanders was joking but its hard to tell in text sometimes.

C Sanders i didn’t mean to to sound like i was yelling at you or nothing. I’ve just heard way too many people that think just because you draw a naked man that your gay. i think its ignorant and irritating. I didn’t really think that’s what you meant by it or anything.

let’s put it this way. functionality. when im modeling and texturing it’s good to think of things and how they’re being used. if you were an all powerful blue dude who could change anything with a mere thought you prolly would think of clothing as illogical. That’s what they did in Watchmen…the only time he would ever wear clothing was to go on tv or out in public because he wanted to respect cultural norms.

new update, used the background picture to make sure the likeness is dead on…the only things i have to do now is tidy up the hands, put the hydrogen symbol on his head, and work out the whole penis thing…haha.


another shot…close to being done, pretty photo realistic i think.


here is an update of the good doctor rendered within blender.
i realize that the key to this model lies within the color map…i really have to make it clear where i want an indentation to be dark, cuz even if i sculpt it, the emittance of light could trump the detail.


I’m not sure if this really matters, but from the side view a few posts ago it looks like he’ll ti[ over, i think the back of the head is supposed to line up with the back of the heel, im not exactly sure, or if it even matters for your plans with the project

but yeah, i’d say it looks spot on

oh wow didnt think my side comment was gonna get that much attention!!

i was just joking by the way…

at least this guy gets it:)
i think the model looks great, i was kinda just thinking of myself if i was modelling this and one of my buddies walked in and there was this massive cock on my monitor i would never hear the end of that one!
But Dr Manhattan looks really good. Almost cant tell which is from the movie and which is your model!
keep it up


thanks for the positive feedback! im thinking about doing an animation of the dr manhattans in line like the above picture moving and stopping like they’re on an assembly line…then have one step off, do a walk cycle, then have him run and turn into the ice man surfing on the ice slides…then slide off that and turn into the silver surfer…since essentially all those characters are are a basic humanoid with slight variations to the facial structure. and put it to party and bullshit ratatat remix…yeaaaa