Dr. Seuss Landscape

Made this for the Weekend Challenge:


Spent a day or two (on and off) making it.
I mostly based the scene of the illustrations in The Lorax, but got inspiration for items and colours from The Cat in the Hat, The King’s Stilts, Oh! The Places You’ll Go, Green Eggs & Ham and a few others.

It was the first time I’ve exclusively used 2.5 for an image and found it quite nice, although it did crash a couple of times.

Edit: More on it here.

(If you don’t know Dr. Suess’ illustration style :eek: then look here)

pretty sweet, i like that style

nice. looks good

beautiful work! 5/5 colours, textures, everything!


Thanks for the positive feedback!
I’m tempted to make some more images based on Dr. Seuss’ books, as I love the style of his work.

This is a very refreshing piece of art, I just love those puffy trees.

Looks interesting. Maybe Nat you could point camera bit up, because right now there is not much going on on bottom, but top seems to be cut - mountains, trees and waterfall.

I was considering doing that, but I haven’t actually modelled anything above the top of the image:

If I have time I might extrude the waterfall back a bit more at the top and put in some basic clouds for a render at that angle :slight_smile: (As I definitely prefer the composition of it that way)

Thanks again!