Dr. Steel

Musician/Mad scientist. This guy makes cool stuff, seriously.


I hope I got the credits right but the original photograph was taken by Rei Sutton

blender sculpt and render

last edit. I’ll leave it alone now

nice i like it

Looks just like the reference image! Well done

This looks excellent, love the final image!

This is gorgeous!

Fantastic, very photo realistic.

Wow. Looks great.

Awesome, it’s not just good 3d it is also a good picture. Love the expression.

very nice!

Excellent stuff, expression and hair are awesome!!!

Damn you are good

On /3/ when I saw an amazing human render and you said it was Blender I should have realised it was you! It’s a little on the Male side to what you usually do though :wink:

Excellent work, It would have been nice to see a similar floral pattern on the waistcoat of the render as well though.


Really nicely done…


is my only gripe with it…
Great technical exercise, but an “original” study that has your take on the subject rather than that of the photographer of your reference piece would really be an opportunity to elevate this.

This looks beyond cool! Really well done, great attention to detail and an awesome render!

Why is this not in the forum gallery?

That looks great. It is impressive, that you manage to sculpt it in blender.

Very impressive work. I love the sculpted details in the head.

Amazing job. Very elaborate and realistic work. Congratulations talent.

Very, very nice! :slight_smile:

hey, thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

waga, I also saw your diamonds face on /3/ too. Cool stuff, thanks for showing us how that was done.
Lol, I made this intentionally because of all the girls I seem to have done lately.

Made a few tiny little changes.