Dr. Who's Sonic Screwdriver

Consider this my Hello. I have been working with Blender since the same time I signed up on BA (May 07). This is the first thing that I feel good enough about to post as a finished project. I thought about posting a really bad sword, shiny sphere, or a fluid sim (with a low resolution), but I figured you all have seen that often enough.

For those that do not know what this thing is, its the Sonic screwdriver used by Dr. Who in his latest incarnation. I couldn’t find any good reference pics of the “real” screwdriver so this is based on a reproduction model, a artists concept sketch, and one poor quality still from the actual show.

Rendered for 1:58 blender internal on my poor old Celeron 2.4GHz dell.
If anyone wants the blend you can get it here:


BTW I would like to say thanks to all of the more experienced blenderheads that answers all the questions from newbs like myself. In fact I have found that through reading the forum and the wiki, and some brute force blending, I have found all of my questions already answered.

C&C are welcome and appreciated.

Happy Blending.

Nice work, but how do you get the shiny metal effect?

Wow! It looks excellent! congrats man and keep blending! :wink:

I’m interested in how you got that glow from the screwdriver. I’m currently trying to implement something like that in my personal PROJECT. Thanks for the blend.

I like it!
The shading on the underside/ground below the screwdriver looks a bit unnatural, but other than that, I love it.

Nice work :slight_smile:

i have already posted two threads on this topic… this is one of the only projects that i saw just the kind of metal i want… how did you make it?>

Glad you like it.

@free_ality: I was going for a brushed aluminum plate. But yes it could have been better. All the texture are procedural so this is a good as i could get it.

Hey guys, the shiny metal was just Ray Mirror and I used an HDRi map for the World texture. Get the blend if you want to see the metal setup. However, it wont have the HDR image file. I can’t find the web site where I original download this exact HDR image so I don’t know the license. I know if was free to use in personal project, but I don’t think it is transferable. Google Free HDR images and you will find several you can download. Simply load the HDR image as the World texture in the blend.

@HouseArrest: I tried every light in blender and finally got to this effect. Check the blend. there are Ray Trans crystals with some Emit, under a Ray Trans dome, and all of it is lit by an area lamp. Hope the blend helps. If not let me know I can will try to explain further.

Happy Blending all!

There’s an irregular noise on the surface, but hell, that doesn’t matter. The subject is fantastic! Great making!

@reynante: I was going for a brushed metal look. All the texture in this are procedural. This one was a simple musgrave stretched a little and set to nor. I guess the effect failed. However, I am glad you like the actual model.

If I ever get good at modeling humans maybe I will place this thing in David Tennant’s hand.

I really like it alot!

You may be interested in this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/8cff/
I got one for christmas :slight_smile:

@PixelAlien: I think this is one of the reproductions I looked at when trying to model the screwdriver. I am glad you like it. Tell me if my model is close the the “real” thing. Also, feel free to grab the blend and do anything you want with the model.

Very impressive! The metal effect is WOW! I’m just starting Blender and projects like this make me even more determined to make my imagination become a reality! Thanks Matt for your help!

Not keen on the floor texture. Nice modelling / texturing on the sonic screwdriver.
Now you have a weapon should you find yourself surrounded by Daleks! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/renderedbrian/DalekExtmnt.gif


For a BI render this is great. I personally think it has a indigo quality to it. Although the handle is a little bit too plastic like.

Hmmm, looks good. My little brotyer has one of these. The plasticy handgrip has a sort of coral texture, maybe a bit like the surface of a brain. It’s definately less shiny than this too. Awesome work though!

Thanks for the Bump Kendo. This was the first thing I made that I thought looked good enough to post. I messed with the lights for weeks to get the effect, so thanks musk for the Indigo comment.
I agree with all that the floor texture sucks. One day maybe I will find a better environment for this thing.

SONICS!!! I LOVE THE SONICS! I made one for myself…not in blender, with some junk around my house. Those are awesome. I need to blenderize my homemade sonic screwdriver collection.

Wouldn’t the doctor be surprised.

You were talking about using putting up the blend file but the fact that the images wouldn’t be there. Well I’m pretty sure you can use “pack into blend files” under “external data” which is under “file” to pack images into blend.