Dr. Wily WIP


I just thought I’d post what I’m working on. :3 I’m new here, and fairly new at modeling… I’ve been doing it a while, but nothing really fantastic! I decided to start doing a few things without following a tutorial step by step…

First up, Dr. Wily!

I didn’t get very far… Since he’s really the first Humanoid I attempted. ;-; I don’t know why on earth I decided to do someone so inhuman looking! X<
Teeth and eyes are just place holders…

By the way, I hate doing ears now. >:| What was God thinking, making them so darn complicated looking?

Next, Mettool!
(or Met… Or Mettaur… or… whatever.)

He’s pretty much finished. :3 Rendered with Cycles. Which is very annoying to add decals like the eyes and cross. >:| Some one better get on that ‘repeating texture’ problem!

:3 So, do you think I gots a future in model making~?