Draconion skies (Image no. 2 now here, see last post)

My second try at getting a good render of a Dragon, Now unlike the lizard head I actually modeled a low poly version of the head and detailed it with sculpt mode. I start working at it poly by poly at the nose and went from there. I did make another render of a Dragon before this one, but didn’t think it would get good replies here. All detail is done with sculpt mode and all coloring on the head is done with texture painting.

Here’s my first attempt if you’re curious at all (I don’t really consider this one real good)

Good start, now go do something with it, this is a starting point, not something you should consider finnished. Not rating.

I like this one. It looks pretty good, although I’m not so sure about the placement of the claw. It looks a little odd just sitting there on the side of his neck. Even so, this one looks better than the link of the old one you posted.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Keep working on the organic stuff, you seem to be getting better at it now. :slight_smile:

Hence the reason I didn’t post it here in the first place, people would think it wouldn’t be too good. Just to note, the hand and wings are the same from the first Dragon attempt but I redid the head.

Image 2 now here.
The second Dragon is pretty much the first one with color changes and small changes in a few of the horns for a little difference, I also shone an area light right at them for maximum emphasis on the Dragons.

Keep working on this one, it’s looking very good:yes: Maybe you should use it as your avatar?:wink:

Looks like progress to me. From terrible to just bad. 2 stars from me.

One more thing. If I made that. How many stars would you give me?

I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not great. Definitely an improvement over the original. I see potential in you, all it takes is dedication and many hours of lost sleep = )

Hey Cyborg Dragon, I like how I see you working on projects!
keep working, learning, and finishing things!

I’m almost surprised this thread was bumped.

CoreyAvitar, thanks, note this is one of my first serious works with organic modeling, most of my images before it didn’t have organic creature modeling.

Animatinator, I actually do have this as my avatar on a couple other forums (if you want to know where I’ll tell you if you aren’t going to think I’m crazy)

None of the pictures from the site Mudpuddle gallery load for me DX

Stop bumping old threads. You probably don’t want to see those images anyway.

This is old, and the links don’t work anymore because the site software was updated.

Bigbad, he has the freedom to see them, stop trying to prevent everybody from seeing my work. And you’re not a reliable critic, you can think of nothing more then trashing every aspect of me.

BTW: If I opened my own gallery, would you try to vandelize it and call everyone who buys my art people that think I’ll do something stupid?

I probably would. You could just… not allow comments though.

I’ve had many very good comments in the real world, I already know you and Bigbad are elitists who think they should have the ultimate say and only opinions that matter on art which you shouldn’t.

This topic is too old to cause to explode out of control anyway.