Has anyone heard from Dracula lately? Did he ever show anything???


if you enter a person’s profile you can search for posts by them, with most recent ones on the top…

Forget about Dracula! He was a nobody! He never amounted to anything and he never will.

%| Jared are you going to make a spam thread =P??

Hmm, how do you know about Dracula… Hehe, his last post ever on this forum I believe was almost a whole year before you joined elysiun…

:-? Ehh, maybe it was that not so recent back from the grave thread of his… It’s just better to leave him be.

Jason Lin

  1. I’ve been around since almost the beginning of blender - I just never had any reason to join elysiun until this year.

  2. I saw facemania’s comment about dracula in the elysiun the game post.