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Has anyone heard from Dracula lately? Did he ever show anything???


(z3r0 d) #2

if you enter a person’s profile you can search for posts by them, with most recent ones on the top…

(PlantPerson) #3

Forget about Dracula! He was a nobody! He never amounted to anything and he never will.

(goldentaiji) #4

%| Jared are you going to make a spam thread =P??

Hmm, how do you know about Dracula… Hehe, his last post ever on this forum I believe was almost a whole year before you joined elysiun…

:-? Ehh, maybe it was that not so recent back from the grave thread of his… It’s just better to leave him be.

Jason Lin

(matthewsjc1) #5
  1. I’ve been around since almost the beginning of blender - I just never had any reason to join elysiun until this year.

  2. I saw facemania’s comment about dracula in the elysiun the game post.