Draft Forest with particles, trees rotation error

Hi to all, I’m trying make draft forest with draft trees. I’ve made 3 trees, and grouped them. When I use particle system, i choose this group with trees. But they are not stand, they lie. How to rotate them?

Hey. Basically just rotate your objects you want to duplicate 90 degrees. I don’t remember was it along x or y axis, just try either and in the end duplicates will stand upright on the ground.

Nope, I rotated along x and y also. But they lie.
here my particle system properties

See that check box called “Rotation”, just above “Scale”. Activate it. For Hair you also have to turn on Advanced and select velocity or normal for your rotation mode. Rotation mode does not appear until you activate Advanced. Also you may want to activate Pick Random if want more variety in the tree layout.


26_number_hair_forest.blend (93.9 KB)

Great Thanks!
This params works good! This is what I wanted :yes: