Draft with Dynamic Paint

I was just having my morning coffee when out of my brain soup surfaced a realisation that dynamic paint could be used for drafting certain tricky shapes. Let’s call the paint object a stylus. Now, let’s say you rigged your stylus to a bone so it worked like a compass to draw circles. now say you animated the scale of the bone, as well as the rotation. Now you are making a perfect spiral. swap the scale ipo for a loc ipo, and now you are making running loops. another configuration would give you a spirograph type device, and to further freak it out, you could parent the bone to a path. Lots of possibilities here.

wold be nice to make a short tut video or PDF like you did before

this seems to have a lot of potential but not much doc on this new tool!

happy 2.64

I haven’t actually tried it out yet, but I am sure the method is sound.